I was sad to learn that George Jardine is leaving Adobe, but I am very grateful for what he has left behind.

I’ve been hooked on George Jardine’s Lightroom Podcasts from the start. I know I’ve mentioned them everywhere. His 53 podcasts span the arc of Lightroom 1 and include insightful interviews and conversations with incredibly talented photographers and many of the great minds behind Lightroom itself. If you really want to understand the thinking that went into Lightroom’s development you’ll find it in these podcasts. Peppered among the conversations are a collection of some of the best Lightroom tutorials I have encountered. Podcast #45 on the Lightroom Catalog should be required viewing for all Lightroom users. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve directed to that tutorial alone!

I don’t know what will happen to his collection of podcasts in the near future, so I strongly urge everyone to download them now, while you still can. The easiest way to do that is to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, but you can also download them from his iDisk (but don’t wait!).

So, thanks George, and best wishes for continued success where ever life takes you next!