The Windows version of the Adobe Photo Downloader (installed with Lightroom) is the culprit.

If the preference setting in Lightroom (Edit > Preferences > Import, uncheck “Show import dialog when a memory card is detected”) does not prevent the APD from loading during startup the only way to prevent the ADP from loading is to do the following:

– Go to the Start menu and click on the “Run”
– In the dialog box type “msconfig”. This opens the System Configuration Utility.
– Click on the Startup tab. There will be a list of startup items. These are programs that run at startup. To keep the Adobe Photo downloader from starting uncheck the box next to “apdproxy”.
– When you click the OK button you will be told the change will take effect the next time you start Windows. When you do restart, the you will get reminded that you have disabled some startup items, you can check the box to stop reminding you, and click OK.