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In the Mastering Exposure and Tone chapter we looked at ways to make global tonal adjustments to your photo using the Basic and Tone Curve panels. We also discussed how you can affect colors using the Vibrance and Saturation sliders in the Basic panel. Next up is the HSL / Color / B&W panel, which is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for fine-tuning the colors in your photo. The HSL, Color, and B&W panel is actually three panels in one (Figure 1). The HSL (stands for hue, saturation, and luminance) and Color sections of the panel are really just the same set of controls presented in different ways to give you the power to adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance values of different colors in your photo. The B&W section of the panel is for converting a color photo to black and white (refer back to the Black and White Photos with Impact section in the previous chapter of this book to learn about B&W conversion). Continue reading at Photofocus.com.