Greetings fellow Photo Walkers! I’m excited to say that we have a completely full house for our morning walk in Portsmouth, NH this saturday morning. Wow. Who knew? The afternoon walk is full too, which means we have over twice the turnout as we did last year. We may need to do 3 walks next year!

I did a little walk through yesterday to capture three key points for the walk. The first is our meeting place, which is the top floor of the Portsmouth Parking garage. Just keep going up until you see the sky and then make one more turn until you see the door with the number 5 on it (see below).

There should be plenty of room for parking and meeting up there, and not a bad view of the area. I plan to be there by 9 am, so if anyone wants to show up early and talk  Lightroom please be my guest! We’ll do a quick check-in, and off you go. We do not have to all stay together in a group, so feel free to head out as soon as you get there. I’m going to hang back to catch any stragglers.

For lunch we are going to split between the Portsmouth Gas Light:

And the Portsmouth Brewery:

These locations are right next door to each other and just around the corner from the parking garage. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. The weather doesn’t look great, but I’m still holding out hope! Here is a map of our route.