I’m excited about a new learning opportunity just starting at the Perfect Picture School of Photography. This new series of classes is called One on One with an instructor of your choice. I have been teaching a specialized 4-week Lightroom class there for almost 2 years, which is still happening every month. In this new class you have the chance to work with me one on one for 4 weeks covering just the Lightroom-related topics you are most interested in learning more about. The sky is the limit. Everything from unraveling existing catalog problems to increasing overall efficiency to diving deeper into any of the tools found in any of the modules. The student drives the topic selection and works with the instructor to customize the course to fit your needs.

From the course description:

“Here is how it will work. There will be a classroom, that looks just like the PPSOP classrooms you are already familiar with, with just you and the instructor in it. When the class starts you can tell the instructor, in the Q&A, what you are having trouble with or what things you want to work on that week in addition to your overall view of what you want to accomplish over the 4 weeks. Together, you and the instructor guide where you take the course and what you will be out shooting for. Each week you can submit 5 images for critique and have the usual attention you get in the Q&A. This is a really great way to take your photography to the next level and tailor our on-line experience to get just what you need out of it!”

I spend a lot of time helping people learn how to use Lightroom to its greatest potential and look forward to the chance to provide individualized instruction to people wanting that extra level of support.

In addition, The Perfect Picture School of Photography is offering a 15% off discount on all their classes. The sale ends on 8/26, so if you are looking to take your skills to the next level there’s no better time to get started.