I had the highest honor ever bestowed upon me since I started blogging about Lightroom. One of my biggest Photoshop/Lightroom heroes thought one of my blog posts was good enough to use as a starting point for his own blog! One more thing I can cross off my bucket list. 🙂

Big thanks to Scott Bourne for providing the platform for my 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Every New Lightroom  User blog post and big thanks to Scott Kelby for making it twice as good with his own 10 Things I Would Tell New Lightroom Users list! I love it!

Well, not wanting this to just be a blog post about a blog post about a blog post here’s a few 5 new tips for you:

  1. To quickly find where all your presets and templates are stored go to Lightroom > Preferences > Presets (Win: Edit > Preferences > Presets) and click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button. They are all in there. Windows users will even find the Lightroom preference file in there.
  2. If your presets should all vanish one day, check to make sure the Store Presets with Catalog box is unchecked.
  3. If your photos appear to be getting overly brightened on import and you don’t know why, check to make sure Apply auto tone adjustments is not checked. The auto tone function is much improved in Lightroom 2, but I don’t think applying it to all imported photos is a good idea. Just use Auto Tone button in the Basic panel or the General – Auto Tone preset on a case-by-case basis.
  4. While you have the Preferences dialog open click the File Handling tab and set your Camera Raw cache to 20GB and see if that gives you a speed boost in the Develop module (especially with the Adjustment Brush).
  5. Now click on the Import tab and check the box next to Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos so you will see both the raw and JPEG side by side in Lightroom after import.

Hope you find that helpful!

Late edit: I just saw that Matt Kloskowski did a blog post where he added 3 more Lightroom tips, so there’s at least 28 tips all bundled up for the taking. 🙂