Just got my copy of the March Photoshop User magazine and was very excited to see my regular column (Under the Loupe) and my first round of Lightroom book reviews mentioned on the cover! 

This month’s column was about adding new web gallery engines to Lightroom 2. You can test drive the gallery featured in the column (and see some photos from my Alaska trip) by going to Lightroomers.com/alaska. The gallery I used is called TTG Shadowbox and it is one of my all time favorites.

While you can pick up Photoshop User at many bookstores (at $10 a pop) it is a far better value to pay the $99 annual membership fee ($129 international) and join NAPP to get all 8 issues of the magazine and a whole lot more in discounts and training resources.

I always read these cover to cover, but I’m really looking forward to reading To DNG or Not? the Lightroom section feature article by Victoria Bampton, easily one of the most helpful people on the planet. Feedback, questions or comments about my column are always welcome!