Welcome. Many thanks for your interest in my book, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5: Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process! You can buy it from any major book store, but it is probably cheapest on Amazon.

I chose to make all of the figures available via download to make it easier for you to see some of the details that can sometimes be harder to read in the printed version (due to the physical limitations of the printed page). I do hope you find it helpful.

You can download all the figures in a single zip file here.


  1. Hi Rob,
    Went to download all figures as you say on page 3 and above but link isn’t working?

    Any reason?


  2. Sorry,

    Forgot to say, bought book when lightroom 5 first came out but currently running 5.7.1. Problem I keep getting is it “greys out” the auto input settings, no matter what I do. Used to auto import as soon as I plugged in camera, but now it doesn’t.
    Only thing I did differently when I re-installed software was to install direct from new version rather than the original DVD. I’m also running win 10, but it won’t auto import on the win 7 version either now.
    Only seems to have become a problem recently.
    Unfortunately your book only relates to the original release. Are there any updates?



    1. Are you talking about File > Auto Import, or are you talking about Lightroom’s functionality for launching the Import dialog when a memory card is detected? I think you are referring to the launching of the Import dialog, but perhaps are confusing the control for the Auto Import menu? Can you clarify?

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