I answer a lot of questions about Lightroom, and I believe that if one person has a question there are probably many others who are either wondering about the same thing or soon will be. So, in the hopes of helping others I’d like to start sharing one of the best questions (and answer) I find each week.

Question: In a very recent Photoshop TV episode Scott Kelby showed how to access more options to customize the html in the Lightroom Web module. The option was available through a “hidden” keystroke shortcut while in the Web module which when used changed “Web Module Shortcuts” in the help menu to a feature that changed the right panel into a more in depth editing menu so you could customize code. Is it Mac only?

A: No, the feature is not Mac only, but the way to access it is a little different on each operating system.

On Mac, do this: Switch to the Web Module, click on the Help menu, press Shift+Option and notice that Web Module Shortcuts changes to Use Advanced Settings. Click Use Advanced Settings to see what additional options are available in the various panels for the gallery type you are currently using (not all settings are found in all galleries). Note, these options don’t preview inside of Lightroom, so click Preview in Browser to test drive your new settings. To exit, click the Help menu and press Shift+Option to see the menu change to Use Normal Settings, which you can use to return things to … well … normal. 

On Windows, just press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/ to toggle between the Advanced and Normal Web module settings.

That tip was shown in the December 22 episode of Photoshop User TV along with a bunch of other great Lightroom tips. If you’re not already, you can subscribe to the Photoshop User TV podcast for free via iTunes. NAPP members can watch old episodes for free via the NAPP member website (another nice membership benefit, so go signup for NAPP while you are at it).

Bonus Tip: Here is a list of the Advanced Mode panel controls and supported values on Bluefire Blog.