With Lightroom 3 freshly minted and rolling out, I’ve heard from some folks using Lightroom 2 who are confused when they press F1 or go to Help > Lightroom Help, from inside Lightroom 2, and wind up on a page (Help and Support) that has a lot of info about Lightroom 3. Don’t despair! Adobe has not abandoned you. You can change that behavior, so that you can go directly to the Lightroom 2 help docs if that is what you prefer. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Lightroom 2 Help page directly.
  2. At the bottom of that page, choose Help on the Web
  3. Close your browser.

Now, the next time you launch Lightroom 2 and use the Help > Lightroom Help menu, you should go directly to the Lightroom 2 help doc.

That said, don’t give up on the Community Help page! There is a ton of great info to be found from there, and even the links to the Help pages for all versions of Lightroom under the Additional Help menu:

And you can still access all the Lightroom 2 content via the search field at the top of the Community Help page:

What about Lightroom 3?

When you launch Lightroom 3 and go to Help > Lightroom Help don’t be surprised if the Adobe Community Help AIR application opens, which runs a local version of the Community Help as well as the Help docs. Enjoy!