I’m very excited to get my copy of Photoshop User magazine with my feature article on using GPS with Lightroom!


It is in the June 2009 issue. If you are a NAPP member it should be hitting your mailbox now, but you can also pick up a copy on most newstands that carry photography magazines.

In the article I referenced a couple of ways I include GPS data during output. One of the ways is in my blog posts that have the GPS tag. I do this using a Lightroom export plugin called LR2/Blog. Using LR2/Blog I can export directly to a wordpress template for my blog. In this template I can pull metadata from my photos and insert that right into the blog post itself.

LR2 blog

The other way I use GPS data in my output is with a Lightroom web gallery template. Here is an example gallery you can take for a spin. The gallery being used in that example is the default HTML gallery that comes with Lightroom … with a few minor modifications. Lightroom can display the GPS coordinates just fine out of the box. You just need to create a custom text template that pulls the GPS data. This is what I did to display the data above each photo in the close up view page. That is the easy part.

The hard(er) part is that I went under the hood in the gallery code to create the “Map This” link you see below each photo. In addition to creating the link I also had to format the GPS coordinate data a little so that Google Maps could read it correctly and display the correct location when you click the link. This isn’t brain surgery, but it probably deserves a tutorial of its own to show you how I did it (so stay tuned!).

I hope you find the article helpful and please let me know if you have any questions or links to other resources!