This is a simple preset I’ve used for a long time, and thanks to a recent change in Lightroom 3 Beta I am using less and less, but still comes in handy, so I thought I’d share. There’s no great magic here, but in Lightroom 2 it is a quick way to set all slider and color values to zero in a single click. You can download the preset here. It works with both the Adjustment Brush and the Graduated Filter.

If you are using the Lightroom 3 Beta you can simply hold the Alt/Option key and the Effect label changes to Reset. Click Reset and you are all zeroed out. The preset works equally well in the beta too, so if you prefer that option you can still use it.

To install this preset:

  1. Download and unzip the .lrtemplate file.
  2. In Lightroom, go to Preferences > Presets and click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.
  3. When your file browser opens, navigate inside the Lightroom folder and copy the zeroed.lrtemplate file into the Local Adjustment Presets folder.
  4. Restart Lightroom and look for the “Zeroed” preset in the Effect drop-down menu in either the Adjustment Brush or the Graduated Filter.