The September issue of Photoshop User magazine is out and in it you’ll find my column on how to export from Lightroom to your blog.

Photoshop User magazine

The key to this process (as mentioned in the column) is the LR2Blog export plugin. In the column I mentioned I would share the metadata tokens I use to create blog posts like this. Here is what you would see in the LR2Blog template I use to display camera model, lens, shutter speed, aperture and a link to Google maps based on the GPS data embedded in each photo’s metadata:

<!-- This default template simple inserts each image with the correct width and height --><img src="{url}" width="{width}" height="{height}" /><br />{return}{return}<a href="{gpsLatitudeDecimal},{gpsLongitudeDecimal}&z=6">See this location on Google Maps</a>{return}{caption}{return}{return}Camera: {cameraModel}{return}Lens: {lens}{return}Shutter Speed: {shutterSpeed}{return}Aperture: {aperture}

The metadata tokens are labeled logically inside the curly brackets. The {return} token is a line break. The link to google maps is simply an HTML code for the link tag wrapped around the URL to google maps, which I added the latitude and longitude values as a parameter at the end of the URL, so when passed to googlemaps it knows the coordinates to display. Hope that helps!