Additional Lightroom 4 Beta Resources

I have a couple of new Lightroom 4 Beta resources that were recently published. The first is My Top 10 Reasons to Check Out Lightroom 4 Beta over at, and the second is a feature article in the February issue of Photoshop User Magazine that just hit my mailbox yesterday. That same issue of Photoshop User also has my 2 page article on setting your camera raw defaults inside of Lightroom, which is a real time saver.

If you are thinking about giving the Lightroom 4 Beta a test drive, I’ve got some tips for you!


3 thoughts on “Additional Lightroom 4 Beta Resources”

  1. Just read the article in Photoshop User magazine and I wanted to thank you for the informative preview. One thing I read however may be a bit misleading. You stated that the LR 4 Beta is 64 bit only. I disagree because I’m actually running it on Windows 7 on a 32 bit machine. It does require Windows 7 (or Vista) however.

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