Learning Opportunities for 2015

Happy New Year! I hope you managed some R&R during the holidays. I love the start of the year as it gives me pause to look back on where I have been and plan for where I hope to go in the future. I’m pretty excited about what 2015 has to offer as I already have a number of great opportunities scheduled throughout the year.

First off is my ongoing online Lightroom class I teach through the Bryan Peterson Schoool of Photography. I’ve been teaching there for a number of years and I love that I get students from all over the world. My Lightroom class starts on the first Friday of the first full week of the month (Jan 9th is the next one) and runs for 4 weeks. I’ve gotten some feedback from past students that they’d like an even longer class, so I am working on a 6 week class, which should be live soon.

For anyone in the New England region of the US I am also teaching a series of Lightroom workshops at a local photo studio in Manchester, NH. One is a full day KickStart Lightroom class where we’ll cover everything from import to output and even throw in a pizza lunch. In addition to that full day workshop I’m teaching a series of evening seminars, one per month from January to March, where each seminar takes a deeper dive into a different Lightroom topic.

On February 19th I’ll be speaking to the First Light Camera Club in Brunswick, ME. I was privileged to speak with them last year and I’m grateful to be invited back.

Starting in the Fall semester of 2015 I’ll be joining the New Hampshire Technical Institute as adjunct faculty in the Visual Arts department. I’m really looking forward to working with a group of students in a higher education environment! We’re still working out the details of what I’ll be teaching, but that should be finalized soon.

If you like a bit of landscape photography and light painting thrown in with your Lightroom learning then keep your eye on the Digital Photo Workshops as we update our calendar in the next few weeks. We already have a trip to Yosemite lined up for November, but are working on a few other locations in the US.

In September I’ll be returning to the amazing state of Montana to join the staff at Rocky Mountain School of Photography as part of their Professional Studies program. They have a truly stellar photography program! This is my third year teaching the Stock Photography class, and I’m always impressed by how much the students have learned during the Summer Intensive that finishes right before Professional Studies gets started. If you are looking to kick your photography skills to the next level I highly recommend you check out this school.

I will continue to host Lightroom Hangouts and write for Photofocus, be sure to follow me there. There are so many great photographer/writers contributing to Photofocus now that there is always something great to read every day.

I’m also working on a few projects with Peachpit Press, so stay tuned for details on that once I can share them. Here’s to an awesome 2015!

Lightroom Mobile Roundup (and Lightroom 5.7 is out)

My Lightroom hangout for Photofocus about Lightroom Mobile was yesterday and by sheer luck it coincided with the release of Lightroom 5.7. If you missed the live hangout you can catch the archive embedded below, but I also wanted to round up a few resources to help you get up to speed using Lightroom Mobile. I’ve also heard some good buzz for Android fans in the form of Adobe looking for Android beta testers, so hopefully that means we’ll see Lightroom Mobile support spread to the Android platform soon.

A getting started with Lightroom Mobile post appeared on Photofocus today, so if you are brand new to Lightroom Mobile that might be a good place to start. For a full suite of Lightroom Mobile (and more) video tutorials you can’t miss by checking out Lightroom Evangelist Julianne Kost’s website.

During our hangout with my co-host Levi Sim and Lightroom Product Manager Sharad Mangalick we discussed what’s new in Lightroom 5.7, new features in Lightroom Mobile, and answered a bunch of viewer questions relating to all aspects of a Lightroom workflow.

Big thanks to our sponsors Songfreedom, Adobe, Drobo, and onOne for making this hangout possible!

Lightroom Hangout: Deep Dive into Lr Mobile


Our November Lightroom hangout is scheduled for November 19th at 1 pm Eastern (the time localizes to your time zone on the event page). Not only will you learn terrific techniques, but if you tune in live, you can be entered to win a Creative Cloud subscription from Adobe, as well as some incredible tools from onOne Software.

RSVP here. Wednesday, November 19th @1:00pm Eastern, 10:00am Pacific, and 1:30pm in Newfoundland.

We’re so excited about this one: we’ve got Sharad Mangalick, Lightroom Product Manager, joining us again to help us dive into Lightroom Mobile. If you’re like us, you’re using the Creative Cloud photography bundle, and it includes Lr Mobile free of charge, and it’s helping many photographers produce better results faster. We can’t wait to get down to business with Lightroom Mobile. See you Wednesday!

Oh, and if you are an Android user and would like to sign up for beta testing Lightroom mobile, go here. It’s coming!

Photofocus: Calculating Exposure with Slower Shutter


In this Photofocus blog post I share my experience with an app designed to calculate exposure time when using a neutral density filter. I love long exposure photography because it has the power to make even the most mundane scenes a bit more interesting visually. When shooting daytime scenes I often turn to my Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND filter. The Big Stopper is so dark you can’t actually see through it, which means your camera’s internal metering is off the table. Lee does include a small cheat sheet with the filter to help you determine the correct exposure with the ND filter based on the correct exposure without the filter. Unfortunately the cheat sheet doesn’t cover all possible exposure values, so you are left to doing the calculations in your head, just guessing, or using some other calculator. Plus to be honest, I lost that cheat sheet a long time ago. Continue reading at Photofocus.com.

Photofocus: The Flexible HSL and Color Adjustments


This is an excerpt from our eBook, “Develop Great Images in Lightroom”. Download it over at iTunes and Scribd!

In the Mastering Exposure and Tone chapter we looked at ways to make global tonal adjustments to your photo using the Basic and Tone Curve panels. We also discussed how you can affect colors using the Vibrance and Saturation sliders in the Basic panel. Next up is the HSL / Color / B&W panel, which is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for fine-tuning the colors in your photo. The HSL, Color, and B&W panel is actually three panels in one (Figure 1). The HSL (stands for hue, saturation, and luminance) and Color sections of the panel are really just the same set of controls presented in different ways to give you the power to adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance values of different colors in your photo. The B&W section of the panel is for converting a color photo to black and white (refer back to the Black and White Photos with Impact section in the previous chapter of this book to learn about B&W conversion). Continue reading at Photofocus.com.

Photofocus: Planning with Post-Production in Mind


In this Photofocus blog post I cover the importance of knowing multiple ways to use Lightroom and Photoshop for post-production, which can help you save time by shooting with your post-production workflow in mind. The final image you see here was the result of pre-production planning, capturing the images I needed, processing them the same exact way in Lightroom, then blending them together in Photoshop before a return back to Lightroom for output. Continue reading at Photofocus.


Photofocus: Dave Black – Photographer, Teacher, and Author


I first met Dave Black at Photoshop World several years ago. He was setting up a balance beam in a lecture hall for a live shoot he was doing with a champion gymnast for a session he was teaching. As I watched him set up, interact with the gymnast, his assistant, and the room full of attendees; one of the things I was struck with the most was how much Dave loved photography. Dave’s career as a world-renowned sports photographer spans 30 years, he’s covered every kind of sport you can think of, including 12 Olympic games, but the joy in his face when he got the shot that morning was like seeing a kid on Christmas morning opening that one present they had been hoping against hope to find. He loves what he does, and his excitement, much like his stellar work, inspires all who come in contact with him. Continue reading at Photofocus.com.

Digital Photo Workshops Hangout: The Joys of Landscape Photography


Our fall workshop series is coming up fast, and we’re getting into the swing of things with a special hangout that is all about landscape photography. My Digital Photo Workshops co-lead Randy Van Duinen and I will be joined by two of our guest instructors, Brian Matiash and Nicole S. Young, for an hour or so of sharing our favorite tips, gear advice, and post-processing techniques. The hangout is free to watch, and we’re even giving away 2 free passes to a future workshop, but you’ve got to be watching to win.

Date: Thursday July 31st

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific

Head over to the event page to put it on your calendar.

July Photofocus Lightroom Hangout: Mastering the Mobile Monster


Just a heads up that our next Lightroom hangout on Photofocus is all about using Lightroom in a mobile world. Our special guest this month is Brian Matiash, the Global Photos Products Evangelist at Google, who knows a lot about using Lightroom on the go. My friends Levi Sim and Gerard Murphy will also be on hand to share their tips, perspectives, and insights on how to get the most out of Lightroom when you are on the move. We’re also giving away a free pass to Photoshop World Vegas, but you’ve got to be watching to win!

Date: Wednesday July 30, 2014

Time: 1:00pm Eastern, 12:00pm Central, 11:00am Mountain, 10:00am Pacific

Head over to Photofocus to learn more and add the hangout to your calendar.

Photofocus: Create Customized File Name Templates in Lightroom


In this Photofocus blog post I cover how you can create customized file name templates to suit all kinds of needs.

There are a few places where you can batch rename photos in Lightroom. The most common is during the import process via the File Renaming panel of the Import dialog, but you can also batch rename by selecting photos in Grid view of the Library module before going to Library > Rename Photos. A less often used option is to rename copies created via export via the File Naming panel of the Export dialog. In each of these scenarios you can gain access to the various file name templates that ship with Lightroom, or you can choose the Edit option and open the Filename Template Editor and create your own templates. Continue reading at Photofocus.